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Melbourne Queer Film Festival

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Melbourne Queer Film Festival


Event Brand Identity


Our task was to create an event identity for the 33rd annual Melbourne Queer Film Festival that represents the years theme of “Rewind to Fast Forward”. The theme aimed to symbolise that the queer community has always and always will be part of film with an emphasis on looking to the past to look to the future.

Scope of works
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Publication Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Environmental/Signage Design
  • Merch Design

The brand identity is inspired by a VHS aesthetic to create a feeling of nostalgia and to capture the essence of a bygone era. Overall, the brands use of glitch effects, photo treatment and a bright RGB colour palette aims to reference the past with a contemporary approach. The chosen colour palette comprises of an RGB interpretation of the pride flag which is featured through glitch treatments of the logo and typographic tv screens. We used the shape of 1950’s television screens to house content throughout the many applications of the event to give a feeling of the past. This device was used as a key element throughout the brand allowing us to showcase a multitude of films on a single application highlighting the sheer volume and breadth of queer representation within film. The brand elements were created with the final applications in mind to ensure that the identity would work in both static and film formats.


  • Client

    Melbourne Queer Film Festival

  • Branding

    Studio White Noise (obviously)

    Andreas Pranoto

    Mel Yeo

    Claudia Boman

    Ross Karabelas

  • Event Photographer

    Matto Lucas