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Head in the Clouds


Coffee Roastery

8 Louise is situated in a prime location on the corner of Queens Lane and Louise Street. We were tasked to create a campaign that draws attention to the project with messaging that resonates with the vast target market.



Scope of works
  • Brand Identity
  • Campaign Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Design
  • Creative Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Inspired by the architecture and the address of the project we created a bold brand and campaign using the name Louise and the number 8 — treating the campaign as if all messaging were coming from an actual person describing all the best things you can do within the location. This approach engaged the community in a fun and vibrant way, and allowed us to communicate the messaging through a suite of letters specifically addressed to the different audiences with the clever sign off ‘All the best, Louise’. This unique expression brought a sense of personalisation to the brand and along with the bold aesthetic and applications, it created an engaging and succesful campaign for the project.

  • Client

    Head in the Clouds

  • Branding

    Studio White Noise (obviously)

    Andreas Pranoto

    Lauren Messina

    Ross Karabelas

    Kayla Paramesti