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All the best, Louise

What do you feel is the most important thing to have in any property campaign?

Couple of things spring to mind, but it’s knowing who we are targeting. Samuel made it clear that we were targeting everyone, which is a tall order in itself, pretty ambitious – but also exciting.

I distinctly remember our first meeting with you and Illan, at the top of Albert Park to discuss the project and who we were targeting. It was obvious that you were open to a big campaign, because Louise was targeting a big audience. It was great to hear that you wanted to go big and bold and try something different.

What attracted you to the Louise project the most?

Mostly the excitement I could pick up from you both [Ilan & Romy] and this was going to need to be a smart and nimble campaign. There was a lot of smarts already injected into the campaign from how you found out about the site, through to the design by Cera Stribley. I know we [Studio White Noise] were the right fit for the project.

We knew we had to really go that extra mile.

Generally though, I really appreciate projects and clients that entertain big ideas, and Louise had them in spades. Some of the ideas worked, others didn’t – but you were never afraid to try and fail. We still have those bad ideas banked somewhere…

Were you surprised at the success of the campaign?

What’s the saying – fail to prepare, prepare to fail? I feel like we were so prepared for whatever the market conditions threw at the project. Considering the project kicked off during the strictest of Covid lockdowns [here in Victoria] launched during the start of what became 12 consecutive rate rises, a state election and a federal election, the campaign responded and reacted really well to stay ahead.

The biggest surprise for me was how well the market responded to the Reels – the first being set to a Missy Elliot track – iconic.

Louise was the winner of the Property Marketing Excellence Award for The Urban Developer in 2023 What was it like accepting that award ?
It was an honour to represent the project team that night; we believe in one team, one dream and it would not have achieved its success without everyone pulling their weight and giving 100%.

That night, a lot of the winners were coming from the other side of the room and we were the dark horse of the night,  so Lauren [Co-Founder and Lead Designer on Louise] just decided to have a drink and celebrate with the winners.

When Louise was called, we were so excited, I’m pretty sure I drunk texted all the team when we got back to the table to let you all know we won. Only regret is that we couldn’t celebrate as a team.

How would you describe your design philosophy? Does Studio White Noise have a particular style?

Not a particular style perhaps, but a mindset that every project we do is unique to its setting, its design, and our client. Our goal is to make sure our property brand and campaign is as unique as possible.

Louise was a definite departure aesthetically to what was typically seen in South / East Melbourne; everything on St Kilda Road was pitched as high-grade premium product. Louise was the antidote.

Would you / should we have done anything different for the Louise campaign?

I would have loved to have tested the billposter campaign we came up with, where each billposter was a letter to the different generational buyer types and targeted in particular suburbs. Other than that, probably mindset and try to be present and patient with timeline and deliverables – and have more cheeky lunches?

What are some things the industry could do better when it comes to marketing and creativity?
Try to be authentic and different and don’t be afraid to fail. Also stop using the word “luxury” and “exclusive

All the best, Louise

Be authentic, don't be afraid to fail and stop using the word luxury.